Stop Paying for Idle VMs

Automate shutdown, startup and resize of VMs. Identify underused instances.
Available for AWS, Azure, and GCE.

Teams on VMPower on average save 30% of their cloud bill

The Smartest Way to Schedule VM State

Not all VMs need to run 24/7 with the same size. Intelligently allocate, deallocate or resize VMs based on their usage or time of day. Start VMs from any device whenever you need them saving you compute hours on your cloud bill.

Detect Unused Virtual Machines

Get reminded about idle VMs that haven't been used in days or weeks. We'll send integrated notifications via Slack and Email to your team to remind them about your unused Virtual Machines.

Data-driven Recommendations

We'll regularly recommend the correct sizes for your virtual machines if you aren't already using them. VMPower can also resize VMs on your behalf if you choose to.

VMPower Automate

Schedule any cloud VM to power on, power off or resize with a calendar

Schedule Your VMs to Power On, Off or Resize with a Calendar

VMs cost you money per hour. Save on VMs that aren't used during off hours either by powering off or resizing to a smaller size.

Create groups of VMs across any subscription or cloud provider. Quickly create VM event schedules just like you would schedule meetings on your calendar. Once you enable your schedule we'll send you heads-up notification before we ever power on, off or resize any of your virtual machines.

Multi-cloud & Subscription Management

Does your team have multiple subscriptions? Are you using a combination of AWS, Azure and/or Google Cloud? VMPower makes it easy to create logical groups of VMs from different subscriptions or even cloud providers.

Multi-cloud VM Group

One-click VM Action Links

Securely share VM access from your mobile phone to your PC with Action Links. Power On, Off or skip scheduled VM actions with a one-click link without having to log in.


Share VMs with Teams

Securely share VM access to groups of any VMs to your teammates. Azure, AWS or Google console too complicated? VMPower's simplified dashboard allows non-technical teammates to easily modify schedules, change VM sizes/states and even log into Windows VMs.

Clearly See the Savings

When you schedule VMs to allocate/deallocate, we'll let you know how much you're shaving off your bill by computing the hours per month your VMs are deallocated.

Plus, we’ll send you custom recommendations to reduce your cloud bill based on your usage using our experience of running massive cloud deployments.

Savings Chart

VMPower Detect

Quickly identify under-optimized AWS, Azure or Google VMs and disks

VM Rightsizing

VMPower can automatically notify you of the best-fit VM size given the current application load.

We automatically lookup active pay-as-you-go pricing for your platform and calculate the potential savings from performing a VM resize.

Unused Volume Monitoring

After VMs are deleted, it's easy for your team to forget to delete unused, unattached VM Volumes. This can cost big if they are stored on SSD-based storage.

VMPower alerts your team about unused disks, how long they have been unattached for and their price per Gigabyte-month. If you choose, VMPower can automatically clean up these disks for you after a specified period of time.

Utilization-based Shutdown

Based on Network, CPU, Memory and Disk utilization statistics, VMPower can automatically deallocate unused virtual machines after a period of time if you choose and make it simple for your users to start them back up when they're needed.

Our Team

We're building the world's most pleasurable cloud automation & savings platform

Steven Edouard - Founder & Head of Engineering

Former Microsoft Engineer specializing in Azure integrations

Taylor Plumer - Founder & Head of Business Development

Former project management consultant specializing in process automation

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Less Spending, We Guarantee It

Our pricing is simple. Use us for free for small VMs. Pay a small fee for larger deployments.

Manage up to 3 VMs
  • $100/mo Cost Limit Per VM
  • Schedule Virtual Machines On/Off
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Weekly Savings Report
  • Works For Smaller VMs
Manage up to 3 VMs
  • Schedule Virtual Machines On/Off
  • One-click On/Off Links
  • No VM Cost Limits
Manage up to 15 VMs
  • Everything from VMPower Basic
  • Scheduled VM Resizes
  • 3 Person Teams
  • Utilization-based Shutdown
  • VM Resize Recommendations
  • Unused Volume Monitoring
  • Idle VM Monitoring
  • Slack Integration
Manage up to 25 VMs
  • Everything from the Plus Plan
  • 5 Person Teams
  • Scheduled VM Backups
  • Multi-cloud Management
  • 8 Hour Support SLA
  • 99.9% Automation SLA
Professional 50
Manage up to 50 VMs
  • Everything from Professional
  • 8 Person Teams
  • Manage up to 50 VMs
  • 2 Hour Support SLA
  • 99.99% Automation SLA
Professional 80
Manage up to 80 VMs
  • Everything from Professional
  • 12 Person Teams
  • Manage up to 80 VMs
  • 2 Hour Support SLA
  • 99.99% Automation SLA
Professional 100
Manage up to 100 VMs
  • Everything from Professional
  • 15 Person Teams
  • Manage up to 100 VMs
  • 1 Hour Support SLA
  • 99.99% Automation SLA
Professional 150
Manage up to 150 VMs
  • Everything from Professional
  • 20 Person Teams
  • Manage up to 150 VMs
  • 1 Hour Support SLA
  • 99.99% Automation SLA

No credit card required for trials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers.

How does VMPower access my cloud subscription?

Depending on your provider, you will provide us access keys to your subscription (AWS) or OAuth to your subscription (Google Cloud, Azure) with read and write privledges to your VMs. We securely store keys using hardware-accelerated encryption and provide 2-factor authentication to your account.

How does VMPower "turn on" and "turn off" my VMs?

During scheduled times we allocate or deallocate your VM from your cloud platform. This doesn't delete any data and allows any running services to gracefully shutdown. During these times you do not incur compute charges.

How does VMPower keep payment information safe?

We use industry accepted use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for all communications. We also don't store your credit card information but securely hand it off to our billing provider.

What if I don't want to deallocate my VMs?

VMPower never deallocates your VMs without your permission. You must opt-in to automatic deallocations/allocations and VMPower always notifies you before making any changes to VMs.

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