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Why VMPower

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Automate VM actions easily

Startup, shutdown, resize & backup VMs based time of day and week with a calendar. Start VMs from any device when you need them.

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Auto-shutdown based on logins, utilization

Automatically deallocate VMs based on utilization metrics, running processes, or user login activity.

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Manage VM backups

Manage backup and recovery of VMs using the same robust storage engine as your cloud provider. Set backup retention rates to limit storage costs.

VMPower Automate

Schedule VM automations with a simple calendar

Shutdown, startup, resize or backup VMs easily with events

VMs cost you money per hour. Save on unused VMs during off hours either by powering off or resizing to a smaller size. Vertically scale instances during peak hours and scale down during off-hours. You can even automate Azure SQL Data Warehouses, too.

Schedule VMs to backup and VMPower will manage the retention of the backups and make it easy to recover a VM.

VM Schedule Calendar
Multi Cloud VM Support

Multi-cloud & subscription management

Does your team have multiple subscriptions? Are you using a combination of AWS, Azure and/or Google Cloud? VMPower makes it easy to create logical groups of VMs from different subscriptions or even cloud providers.

One-click VM action links

Securely share VM access from your mobile phone to your PC with Action Links. Power On, Off or skip scheduled VM actions with a one-click link without having to log in.


Share VMs with teams

Securely share VM access to groups of any VMs to your teammates. Azure, AWS or Google console too complicated? VMPower's simplified dashboard allows non-technical teammates to easily modify schedules, change VM sizes/states and even log into Windows VMs.


Clearly see the savings

When you schedule VMs to allocate/deallocate, we'll let you know how much you're shaving off your bill by computing the hours per month your VMs are deallocated.Plus, we’ll send you custom recommendations to reduce your cloud bill based on your usage using our experience of running massive cloud deployments.


“VMPower is easy to use and took less than an hour to set up for our team. We savedtens of thousands on our AWS bill with this tool.”

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Paul Sextine
Head of IT - Recreo Financial

VMPower Detect

Quickly identify under-optimized AWS, Azure or Google VMs & disks

VM rightsizing

VMPower can automatically notify you of the best-fit VM size given the current application load.We automatically lookup active pay-as-you-go pricing for your platform and calculate the potential savings from performing a VM resize.

VMPower Recommendation

Unused volume monitoring

After deleting VMs, it's easy for your team to forget to delete unused, unattached disks. This can amount to significant costs if they are backed by SSD-based storage.VMPower alerts your team about unused disks, how long they have been unattached and their price per gigabyte-month.

Utilization-based shutdown

Based on VM utilization metrics, user logins, or running processes, VMPower can automatically deallocate unused virtual machines after a period of time. Using one-click links you can make it easy for users to start them back up again when they're needed.



Less spending. Guaranteed

No credit card trials. Pay a simple, predictable fee depending on your deployment size.

Snapshot Management

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Scheduled VM Snapshots

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Snapshot Indexing

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Automatic Snapshot Expiration

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does VMPower access my cloud subscription?

Depending on your provider, you will provide us access keys to your subscription (AWS) or OAuth to your subscription (Google Cloud, Azure) with read and write privileges to your VMs. We securely store keys using hardware-accelerated encryption and provide 2-factor authentication to your account.

How does VMPower "turn on" and "turn off" my VMs?

During scheduled times we allocate or deallocate your VM from your cloud platform. This doesn't delete any data and allows any running services to gracefully shutdown. During these times you do not incur compute charges.

How does VMPower keep payment information safe?

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We use industry accepted use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for all communications. We also don't store your credit card information but securely hand it off to our billing provider.

What if I don't want to deallocate my VMs?

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VMPower never deallocates your VMs without your permission. You must opt-in to automatic deallocations/allocations and VMPower always notifies you before making any changes to VMs.