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Frequently Asked Questions

How does VMPower access my cloud subscription?

Depending on your provider, you will provide us access keys to your subscription (AWS) or OAuth to your subscription (Google Cloud, Azure) with read and write privileges to your VMs. We securely store keys using hardware-accelerated encryption and provide 2-factor authentication to your account.

How does VMPower "turn on" and "turn off" my VMs?

During scheduled times we allocate or deallocate your VM from your cloud platform. This doesn't delete any data and allows any running services to gracefully shutdown. During these times you do not incur compute charges.

How does VMPower keep payment information safe?

We use industry accepted use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for all communications. We also don't store your credit card information but securely hand it off to our billing provider.

What if I don't want to deallocate my VMs?

VMPower never deallocates your VMs without your permission. You must opt-in to automatic deallocations/allocations and VMPower always notifies you before making any changes to VMs.